Thinking about how important it is that we all lead more sustainable lives can be a bit daunting. From the impact of cotton production on the planet to the shockingly small amount of clothing that actually makes it into the recycling. Honestly, it’s all a bit much. 

Here at GoyGoy we’re focusing on what we can change and making the transformation a joyful one. So, to get started, we’re plastic-free and zero waste and, we can help you reduce your waste too by buying your unwanted baby clothes from you (one less job to do, and, bonus, you get a bit of extra spending money!) We’ve also made it our mission to make it easy to buy baby clothes second hand. Our online store is a doddle compared to navigating Facebook marketplace and we carefully curate bundles of the cutest little outfits so don’t have to use up any thinking energy finding clothes that match before the nursery run. That makes us a plastic-free, zero-waste, sustainable small business and boy, are we proud of that! 

In short, we get up in the morning to make it quick and easy for you to buy and sell your pre-loved baby clothes. 

It’s our small step towards big change. 

If you’d like to read more about sustainability, from eco ideas from other busy mums to stories from our brand founder, Sofi, on her journey to living a sustainable life then make sure you check out our blog.