About Us


Good quality, fun second hand baby clothes can be tricky to find, especially in the right size and without trawling through charity shops (not always possible with an impatient toddler in tow!). That’s where GoyGoy, founded by mum Sofi, comes in. 

GoyGoy exists to make finding second hand baby clothes as quick and easy as possible. Why? Well, firstly, because we believe in being kind to the world and secondly because baby clothes are just as cute and just as fun when they’re second hand. 

Founder Sofi has a sweet spot for adorable baby clothes and loves putting together the cutest of looks for her little boy and so all our second hand clothes are sold in ready-styled bundles. From summer dresses and cardigans to jeans and tops, every bundle is carefully curated so all you have to do is pop it on your little one. 

We believe that every small thing we can do to consume a little less counts; so we’re a plastic-free, zero waste business. We not only sell second hand baby clothes to help give them a new lease of life (and help stock your gorgeous little one’s wardrobe!) We also buy bundles of second hand clothes from mamas all over the U.K., saving you the bother of getting rid of them, saving landfill sites from another delivery and giving you a little bit of spending money to treat yourself with, too. 

GoyGoy believes in:

  • Giving second hand baby clothes a new lease of life
  • Using every last scrap of waste
  • Taking the stress out of second hand baby clothes shopping 
  • Creating super cute bundles of baby clothes

So, you can help save the planet, make some money from your old baby clothes and dress your little ones in the most adorable of outfits. What’s not to love? Head to our shop to join us on our joyful (incredibly cute) mission to save the planet - one romper at a time!