Top Tips For A Sustainable Christmas

Top tips for a Sustainable Christmas:

I challenge you to a Sustainable festive season this year.

Here are my top tips!


- Buy second hand presents. If you choose new, try to avoid plastic, cheap toys that will break, and think about toys that can grow with the little ones.

- Make a conscious choice when thinking about decorations, swap decorations with a friend/neighbour if you want to spice it up. Avoid plastic and things in fashion that you might not use next year. Keep it traditional for a classing timeless look.

- Choose Local suppliers and support small business in every purchase if you can. Avoid buying from overseas or Amazon if possible.

- Save paper and used gift bags to wrap your presents. Use reusable Christmas sacks.

- Gift less with more meaning, avoid fast fashion or cheap things that will not last.

- Do virtual cards and save some trees.

- Buy a potted real Christmas tree, and save it for next year.



Let me know if you can think of any other and if this post was helpful, please share!