Sustainable easy swaps

Well done, you have decided to start your sustainable journey, Its the right step in the right direction! GoyGoy Is here to help!

Provably feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the gadgets and accessories you MUST have to be Eco-frindly, but wait a minute, breath...

This is a journey, it will have ups and downs, it will take time, balance and research. Don't jump on the green wash wagon and get yourself into debt trying to have it all. Take your time and start with one small change.

I've selected five easy first steps into the right direction.

1-Buy consciously:

Don't start buying. Instead, ask yourself, do I need it? Can I live without? Can I perhaps get this second hand? Refuse the things you don't need, de-clutter and be mindful with every shop.

2-Buy ethically.

If you have decided that this is the right purchase, ask yourself, where does this come from? Is it being shipped from around the world? Where was it made? Who made it? What are de company's sustainable policies? It might sound like a lot, but you can discard a store by looking at its policies and ways they work. If not happy with the results, find someone else that sells that product from a different, more sustainable source. I always advise: Local and Second hand is already a great sign.

3- Educate yourself:

Did you know that many items claim to be biodegradable but they won't actually biodegrade unless processed correctly? I was in shocked when I did. What is actually sustainable and what is green washing? The internet has lots of information on this, and it can be confusing. Join groups on social channels where like-minded people talk and discuss products and brands. This is a great source of information and support on your journey and relevant information will pop up in your feed without any effort.

4- Slow and steady wins the race.

You'll provably be eager to have a stunning looking pantry, a plastic free kitchen and a exclusive wooden toy shelf worthy of Pinterest. But wait, go back to steps 1,2 and 3. I suggest to start one room at a time and keep that focus. I personally started with the bathroom. Once my shampoo and soap were coming to and end, I would start my research on a more sustainable choice.

5- Take your time.

Its better to find the right product, than wasting time and money in things that don't work, that you don't particularity like or worst, going back to your old product. Don't get discourage, investigate and research. And don't forget to share your opinion if you found something that you believe is great. We all want to hear about it!

 My sustainable bathroom swaps
Pic: My bathroom swaps. From left to right: Deodorant and serum, bamboo cotton earbuds, metal razor, face wash bar, shampoo bar, conditioner bar, soap bar with bamboo sponge, homemade coffee body scrub, makeup remover face cloth, linen fabric shower curtain.


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